Our new split-day Lowering Language Barriers training option allows you to choose whether to do Lowering Language Barriers in speaking (half-day), in writing (half-day) or to do both sessions.  We will be interested to see if the half-day option will suit some people more than a whole day.  We will keep you posted if we decide to do this in other areas.

Also.....Our 42-page Lowering Language Barriers - handbook for communicating with people who have English as an additional language was launched in the summer.  You can look inside and buy a copy  (with good discounts for multiple copies).   


In-House and Open Training days for organisations working directly with the public - especially staff with frontline roles.  

Lowering Language Barriers: practical, skills-building course on techniques for making your talking and writing clear, accessible and easy to understand.  

The training focuses on how to communicate with people who speak English as an additional language (EAL) e.g. migrants and visitors to the UK.                          

It is also relevent for communicating with people who may find it difficult to understand for other reasons, such as learning difficulties.  The skills and strategies are also essential for anyone who needs to explain complex information to the general public.                                                                                                    

People we work for include councils, housing associations, childrens centres, social workers, environmental health and community police.