About Us

Clare Hobart and Katy Byrne are two sisters who set up the company  in 2006, specifically to train frontline staff in Lowering Language Barriers.

The origins of the Lowering Language Barriers training came from Clare's experiences: "I spent two years on a project in Bolivia, working in Spanish. Some colleagues adapted their language to help me understand. Others seemed unaware of speaking too fast or using language that was difficult for me.                       This taught me that adapting your language to your audience is a skill that people need to learn, rather than just being commonsense."

Our aim is to increase the chances of integration and access to services by people who have English as an additional language.                                                                   People who are not fluent in English, or have other problems understanding (eg.low level literacy, learning difficulties), often struggle to understand the concepts, terms and jargon used by professionals and staff in different sectors.

We give organisations and their staff the awareness, skills and knowledge to:

  • be aware of how the language and the way that they use it
  • adapt their communication to meet the needs of people with English as an additional language.

 We are a small company and have been able to keep prices low so that we can 'spread the word'.