Lowering Language Barriers

How long? 
One day
How many participants? 
6 – 18 participants
Why attend this training? 

Anyone who works directly with the general public needs to adapt their communication so that it is as clear as possible to a range of individuals. The more complicated and technical the information, the more it needs to be clear and well-explained

At least three million people living in the United Kingdom were born in countries where English is not the national language. Many of these still struggle to understand English.

75% of the working-age adult population have numeracy skills below the level of a good pass at GCSE. 56% have similar literacy skills. (Department for Education, 2003).

The training is popular because it is informative, practical and thought-provoking.

It gives participants a personal experience of the issues - as well as the theory, confidence and skills to deal with communicating with a range of customers.

Course Objectives: 
  • Get a personal insight into the experience of struggling to understand information
  • Learn what makes English difficult for people whose first language is not English
  • Learn and apply the principles of writing and speaking in plain English
  • Practise techniques for giving clear information and explanations
  • Identify what visual resources could help them communicate with their target audience
  • Find out about their own personal style of talking - especially their pace of talking
  • Review ways of checking that people understand
  • Understand some cultural differences in communication
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