Feedback from our Open Training days


"The Lowering Language Barriers course was brilliant and very useful for me. I have already started using most of the techniques in my day to day work and it has really helped me a lot to improve my communications with all the families I work with. We have asked our boss that the whole team should to be trained."  Ping Ping Xiao Askaroff, Community Development Worker, East Sussex
(We subsequently did train the whole team in-house.)

"It was an interesting and enjoyable day with lots of tips and techniques on how to communicate more effectively with diverse groups. I will pass these on to my colleagues. It was especially useful to be reminded of the best ways to make posters and other written material clear and easy to understand. Also to remember not to assume what people's communication skills are but to ask them."  Tish Milner, Outreach Worker, Westminster Council

"The course was both interesting and helpful and I am still using the techniques. I have been recently working with a Bulgarian family, I had previously been communicating reasonably well with them, but since the course I have improved this. There were a couple of things they had previously misunderstood and I had presumed they knew what I meant. I explained in more obvious language and asked them to reflect it back to me.  I think they respect my attempts to explain things in a more understandable format, and they are all keen to try and help me instead of them thinking they are the ones needing help! It’s become a brilliant two way exchange and much less daunting for us both."  Julie Smith, Family Outreach Service, East Sussex

"Really enjoyed the course.  Information was delivered really well and kept me engaged throughout.  I will take all the information back and feedback to the team."  Michelle.

"A very enjoyable, informative and useful course with lots of practical ideas that I can take back to work.  I will apply everything I've learnt about listening and how people understand when dealing with customers."  Helen.